Naked vs Clothed at Burberry

After the first time Burberry allowed us to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of their beautiful craftsmanship, I didn't hesitate to visit the next in collaboration with Henry Moore in February '17. This time, ensuring I beat the queues and booked a highly sought after life drawing class.       Makers House... Continue Reading →

What to Expect in Thailand

After being inspired by the worldwide adventures accomplished by a few of my peers, I decided to do something I never saw myself doing in my lifetime- went backpacking, alone, throughout Thailand for 1 month.

How to handle unpaid internships

I was initially going to call this post ‘Why to avoid Unpaid Internships’ but unfortunately sometimes, it just can't be avoided, especially within a very saturated market. It is becoming tremendously competitive in the career world, let alone Fashion, and you will have to find a way to stand out- sometimes among hundreds of other applicants who may have a lot more experience or connections than you.

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